Conservation and restoration of the collections:

Historically, conservation-restoration began with the protocol treatment (Walter Coockle) established at the time on the Matritense and Montserrat collections by the papyrologist María Victoria Spottorno.

Currently, one of the objectives set out within the DVCTVS project is to establish - under the deontology of scientific conservation-restoration - the bases of preventive conservation of the Palau-Ribes collection. This is a medium-sized papyrus collection, whose pieces are the product of purchase, and not of direct excavation.

Since 2008, Mª Cristina Ibáñez (Professor at Escuela de Arte y Superior de Conservación y Restauración de Bienes Culturales de León) has carried out several studies and interventions in the following aspects:

Active collaboration in the digitization of the funds to ensure their conservation and online access to the texts.

Determination of the micro - climatic conditions of the archive at the Historical Archive of the Jesuits at Catalonia.

Preparation of specific forms for the documentation and registration of the specimina.

Establishment of protocols for the handling of documents, available and accessible to all personnel who have access to the archive.

Design and construction of devices for the custody, exhibition and direct work with specimina.

Design and development of prototypes for the storage of carbonized specimens.