This papyrus portal shows part of the activities carried out by the DVCTVS research team. This group of researchers has been working since 2002 on the most important papyrological collections in the country: those of the Abbey of Montserrat, the Companyia de Jesús in Catalonia and the Fundación Pastor de Estudios Clásicos in Madrid. The portal aims to incorporate in its database all the papyrus collections in Spain.

The work that our team offers to the scientific community and the society in general consists of:

- Conservation and restoration of the collections: the preservation of the papyrus heritage is organized under the criteria of preventive conservation, intervening on the papyrus material when necessary.

- Cataloguing, editing and study of the collections: the information is uploaded in our digital catalogue, which is free and open access. We deal with the editing and study of the papyri, as well as with different aspects of the socio-cultural, legal and religious life of Egypt from the Greco-Roman to the Islamic period. At the same time, we value all collaboration with archaeological and technological teams and research on the possibilities that the material study of the support and the inks can offer for the interpretation of documents.

- Creation of digital images: the digital catalogue offers images in jpg format at 300 dpi of the papyri already published.

- Reconstruction of the history of the collections: we study the historical and intellectual context of the acquisition of the collections and the formation of the discipline of papyrology in Spain.

Our scientific activity has been supported by different public and private institutions and has been subsidized with competitive national and international funds continuously since 2005.