Papyrus editions

The documents preserved in the collections we manage are published in books and articles in international journals. But the editorial work is preceded by intense work of cataloguing, identification and material analysis. Many researchers have participated in this work, to whom these collections owe a debt of gratitude.

Amalia Zomeño (CSIC, Madrid), Irene Pajón Leyra (University of Seville), Marina Escolano-Poveda (University of Liverpool) and Marco Antonio Santamaría (University of Salamanca) have been involved in the cataloguing of all the collections.

Montserrat Abbey Collections

As can be read in the section on the Abbey of Montserrat, the first collection, P.Monts.Ubach, was catalogued by Anscari Mundó, and some of its papyri were published in scattered publications. Father Roca-Puig's collection arrived years later. Ramon Roca-Puig himself had already published many of the pieces in the collection in books and articles, some of them self-published (for a list here - link to list). Professor Klaas Worp of Leiden University played a crucial role in setting up the editions. He worked with Sofía Torallas Tovar during the years 2002-2014 on the editing of two volumes and a large number of articles.

There are currently several editing projects underway:
Sofía Torallas Tovar, María Jesús Albarrán, Anne Boud'hors (CNRS Paris) and Alain Delattre (Free University of Brussels) are preparing a volume of Coptic documents of monastic origin. Korshi Dosoo, Raquel Martín and Sofía Torallas Tovar are preparing another volume with the edition of magical texts on papyrus and parchment, mainly Coptic and from the late period. Marina Escolano-Poveda has already edited some of the demotic papyri, and is preparing the study of some more to be published in specialised journals. Alba de Frutos is preparing the edition of some Ptolemaic documents, and Serena Ammirati is currently working on the Latin texts.

Pastor Collection

The papyri of the Pastor Foundation had already been completely catalogued by Sergio Daris and restored by Mª Victoria Spottorno. Sergio Daris published a book with ten of its papyri (S. Daris, Dieci papyri matritenses, Madrid, 1990). In 2010 Jean-Louis Fort catalogued the Coptic papyri in the collection, with a grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Further publications from the holdings of the Pastor collection have recently appeared in ZPE by Ágnes T. Mihálykó and Greta Kádas and Juan Rodríguez Somolinos.

Alba de Frutos, José Domingo Rodríguez Martín, Raquel Martín Hernández and Sofía Torallas Tovar are currently preparing a volume with some of the documents, and María Jesús Albarrán is preparing the edition of several Coptic papyri.

Palau-Ribes Collection

Josep O'Callaghan, the founder of the collection, carried out an initial cataloguing of its holdings, from which he published a large part of the literary and Christian papyri. His colleague and friend Sergio Daris took charge of numerous editions of Greek documentary texts. After O'Callaghan's death in 2002, Jordi Roca carried out a reorganisation of the collection on the occasion of its transfer to the Arxiu Històric dels Jesuïtes de Catalunya; three years later, Alberto Nodar took over the management of the collection, starting with the organisation of the out-of-catalogue holdings, with the help of Sofía Torallas and Amalia Zomeño. Since 2009 María Jesús Albarrán has been in charge of the Coptic holdings of the collection, on which, especially on the occasion of the 2014 International Summer School of Coptic Papyrology, various students from different countries and international institutions, as well as renowned experts such as Anne Boud'hors and Esther Garel, had the opportunity to work.

In addition to the editorial work of O'Callaghan himself and Sergio Daris, various scholars have worked on the collection's holdings, starting with Sebastian Bartina, Hans Quecke, and Beatriz Klakowicz for the Coptic material, Amalia Zomeño and Sergio Carro for the Arabic texts, and Alba de Frutos, Lluís González, Javier Funes and Alberto Nodar for the Greek texts.