The DVCTVS group has participated in several archaeological excavations in order to analyse and study the written documents found at the sites described below.

Qubbet el Hawa (Universidad de Jaén)

Since 2009 Sofía Torallas Tovar and Amalia Zomeño have participated in the excavation campaigns at Qubbet el Hawa, the necropolis on the west bank of Aswan, directed by Alejandro Jiménez Serrano. The two projects in which they are members of the University of Jaén’s team are the epigraphic study of the Church at Qubbet-el-Hawa, which they later handed over to Sebastian Richter, and the Coptic ostraca, in whose study Sofía Torallas Tovar collaborates with Vicente Barba.

Asuán (Instituto Suizo de Arqueología del Cairo SIK)

Since 2011, Sofía Torallas Tovar and Amalia Zomeño have been collaborating with the Swiss Institute of Archaeology in Cairo (SIK) in the study of the more than 1800 ostraca that have been extracted from different sites in the city of Aswan over the last 18 years.

Oxirrinco (Societat Catalana d’EgiptologiaServicio de Antigüedades de Egipto)

Since 2010 Alberto Nodar has been collaborating with the excavations carried out at the Oxyrhynchus site by the mixed mission of the Societat Catalana d'Egiptologia and the Egyptian Antiquities Service, founded by Josep Padró and currently directed by Maite Mascort and Esther Pons, taking care of the publication of the Greek texts found on papyri and ostraca at the site.