Help about Digital Catalog

Welcome to DVCTVS

In our digital catalogue you will be able to find information in different ways: the left-hand side box (“multiple selection”) will allow you to find information contained in any of the fields of our database, except the one containing the digitized Greek text of the edited papyri. In order to search for strings of characters in the textual corpus of the database, use the virtual keyboard of the right-hand box “search keyboard”.


You may search for information contained in up to three fields of the database: to the left of the box you will find three drop-down menus containing all the fields defined for every record of the database. If you choose one of them, you will be able to find the information required by introducing the word(s) you wish to find in the corresponding box to the right.

If you use just one box, you will be performing a simple search, if you use two or three you will be performing a complex search, and you should indicate, by means of the buttons “and” and “or”, whether you only wish to obtain the records containing the information specificied for all the selected fields, or you want all the records containing at least one of the two or three options specified for the selected fields (“or”).

In any case, you may choose the order you wish the records to be presented: choose first from the “order by” drop-down menu the field you would like your records to be ordered by, and then specify whether you would like them to be presented in an ascending (“asc”) or descending (“desc”) alphabetic or numeric order (depending on the nature of the field). Once you have clicked on the “find” button and you have obtained your results list, you will also be able to order the records by any of the fields appearing at the top bar by just clicking on it. To revert the ascending order of the records that you will be given by default, just click again on the field in question.


If you want to search for strings of characters in the digitized corpus of the Greek texts of our database, you should use the search keybord to the right of the screen. Accordingly to the writing conventions in Antiquity, word-division, diacritics and punctuation signs will be ignored for the purposes of searching.


In order to visualize a single record from your results list, you need to click on its inventory number to the left of the line.

If the papyrus has not been published, you will obtain a basic catalogue record; if the papyrus has already been published, you will obtain a full record of it, including digital images and an HTML version of the edited text, unless this has already been included in the DDBDP, in which case you will find a link directing to it in Thefore, textual searches performed in DVCTVS will not take into account texts of documentary papyri already included in the DDBDP.

Remember that if you want to use the digital images or the texts included in our database for any purposes other than private research and teaching, you need to obtain written permission from us.