Text type Literary
Statement Account or memorandum?
Language Coptic
Format Codex
Material Papyrus

Inventory number P.Monts.Roca inv. 643
Edition P.Monts.Roca
Edition volume II
Edition number 8
Published title A Coptic Palimpsest of 2 Samuel
Edition editor S. Torallas Tovar
Edition date 2007
Location Fondo Roca-Puig
Same MS as P.Monts.Roca inv.1098, 1227-1231, 1233, 1235-1239, 1250, 604, 645, 728 + P.PalauRib. inv.96.
Other side Continuation of the text. (Scriptio superior: Magical text)
Provenance Unknown
Period Byzantine-Islamic?
Work Samuel
Book 2 Sam 18,18 – 28
Text type Literary
Statement Account or memorandum?
Subject Bible. Old Testament
Language Coptic
Illustrations no
Attested on other papyri no
Format Codex
Material Papyrus
Kollesis no
Dimensions 17 x 17
Nº of columns 2
Margins yes
Top margin no
Bottom margin no
Line beginnings no
Line ends no
Fibre orientation n/a
Ink Brown
Hand Regular Greek uncial
Marginal annotations no
Corrections no
Lectional signs no
State of conservation Broken
Bibliography S. Torallas Tovar (descr.), “Los fragmentos coptos bíblicos del fondo Roca-Puig de la Abadía de Montserrat”, CCO 2 (2005) 291. S. Torallas Tovar (ed. pr.), Biblica Coptica Montserratensia. P.Monts.Roca II, Barcelona, 2007: 37-40. R. Martín Hernández, “Cat. 78. Palimpsest with Coptic Magical Text”, Pharaoh’s Reeds. A papyrus journey up the Nile, 2016: 125.
Other catalogues 126174 126174