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Text type: Documentary, Documentary?, Literary, Literary? Paraliterary, Unknown

Genre: Account or memorandum?, Accounts, Accounts?, Christian, Christian?, Comedy, Comedy?, Commentary, Commentary?, Contract, Contract with witnesses, Contract?, Contract?, Declaration, Declaration?, Deed, Dispute, Drawing, Economic document, Economic document?, Epic, Epic?, Glossary, Grammatical, Greek literature?, Historiography, History, Hymn, Inheritance, Jewish or Christian, Label, Lease, Legacy, Legal document, Legal document?, Letter, Letter?, List, List of donations?, List of names, List of names?, List of payments, List of words, Loan, Loan of money, Loan?, Magical, Magical?, Medical, Mime, Narrative Prose, Note, Novel?, Oath, Official document, Oratory, Oratory?, Order, Order for payment, Payments, Petition, Petition?, Philosophy, Philosophy?, Receipt, Receipt?, Religious, Religious?, Repayment, Sale, Sale or lease, Scholia, School exercise, School exercise?, School text?, Science?, Scribal exercise, Statement?, Tale, Tax, Treatise (Rhetoric), Unknown, Wisdom

Language: Arabic, Aramaic-Hebrew, Coptic, Coptic Bohairic, Coptic Fayyumic, Coptic Sahidic, Coptic?, Coptic-Arabic, Coptic-Greek, Demotic, Demotic-Greek, Drawing only, Greek, Greek?, Greek-Coptic, Greek-Coptic Sahidic, Greek-Latin, Greek-Latin?, Hieratic, Latin, n/a, Syriac, Unknown

Format: Codex, Codex?, n/a, Roll, Roll?, Sheet, Sheet?, Tablet

Material: Linen, Ostrakon, Paper, Papyrus, Parchment, Wood